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To adequately protect the public records of the district, any person inspecting public records shall adhere to the following guidelines:

(1) No public records shall be removed from the district’s possession.

(2) Inspection of public records shall be conducted in the presence of a designated district representative.

(3) No public records may be marked or defaced in any manner during inspection.

(4) Public records, which are maintained in a file or jacket, or chronological order, may not be dismantled except for purposes of copying and then only by a district representative.

(5) Access to file cabinets, shelves, vaults and other district storage areas is restricted to district representatives unless other arrangements are made with the district.

(6) The district may limit inspection and copying to any extent necessary to prevent such activity from unreasonably disrupting the district operations. [Res. 783 § 1 (Exh. 1), 2019; Res. 668 § 10, 2011.]