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(1) Whereas the maximum compensation paid water commissioners is from time to time established by the state legislature and whereas a district may establish compensation for its commissioners by resolution up to the maximum allowable under law, now therefore be it resolved that the commissioners of the Silver Lake Water and Sewer District be compensated at the maximum rate as established by the legislature for such purposes.

(2) Any modification to existing compensation or benefits and/or any new laws enacted by the legislature for compensation or benefits available to the commissioners shall become available to each commissioner of the district.

(3) The district’s staff is directed to review, on an annual basis, all applicable legislation and regulations regarding commissioner compensation and benefits to ensure that the district compensation and benefits policy is implemented. [Res. 421 §§ 1, 2, 1991; Res. 356, 1980; Res. 322, 1975; Res. 248, 1969; Res. 193, 1968; Res. 177, 1967; Res. 21-A § 1, 1951.]