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(1) On-Call Status. “On-call” status means that period of time falling outside of an employee’s on-duty hours that the employee must be available by phone or other electronic communication device for a possible “call-back” to duty in order to respond to district calls/emergencies. Although the employee is generally free to engage in his/her normal life activities while on-call, the employee must be fit and able to report to work within an acceptably short period of time with actual total drive time from point of departure to the district boundary line being not more than 30 minutes. An employee who is on-call is required to report to work when called. Employees are prohibited from consuming alcohol or otherwise being under the influence of any mind-altering substance or illicit drug while on-call. On-call employees who are taking prescription medications which potentially compromise or impact their ability to safely perform their job duties, including operating a vehicle, should immediately notify the district of such and follow the district’s general protocol for finding a substitute to perform on-call duties.

(2) On-Call Back-Up Status. For any period of time during the year in which the district’s administrative office is not open for business for any portion of the day for three or more consecutive days or by direction of the general manager, or designee, the district shall have a qualified district employee in an on-call back-up status. This means that the back-up employee must follow the same standards and restrictions set forth above for on-call employees, and be prepared to respond to call-backs on an as-needed basis, as determined by the district. Employees designated as “back-up” are eligible for compensation in accordance with the same criteria and formulas as the primary on-call person.

(3) Call-Back. A “call-back” is a period of time outside of an employee’s on-duty hours when the district requires an employee to report back to work because of special needs or emergencies. If called back, any employee who reports to work must be fit and able to perform normal duties and other duties as may be reasonable under the circumstances, and in accordance with the district’s applicable policies, standards and protocols. [Res. 803 § 1 (Exh. 1), 2020; Res. 785 § 1 (Exh. 1), 2019.]