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Prior legislation: Resos. 700, 685, 654, 607, 560, 519.


Detail List


G1 Vertical Anchor Block

G2 Horizontal Thrust Block

G3A Roof Structure for Electrical Enclosure

G3B Roof Structure for Electrical Enclosure

G4 Ships Ladder

G5 Casing and Carrier Pipe

G6 Trench Section Pipe Bedding and Trench Backfill

G7 Unsuitable Foundation Excavation

G8 Flush Mount Sleeve

G9 Trench Dams

G10A Typical Fence

G10B Swing Gate

G10C Swing Gate Strong Arm Hatch/Lock

G10D Fence and Gate Notes

G11 Locate Box

G12 Bollard


CC1 Automatic Anti-Siphon Control Valve

CC2 Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

CC3 Pressure Vacuum Breaker

CC4 Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)

CC5A Private Fire System Double Check Detector Assembly

CC5B Private Fire System DCDA (Plan View)

CC6 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

CC7 RP Backflow Assembly 3IN+

CC8 RP Detector Assembly 3IN+

CC9 Double Check Valve Assembly 2-Inch and Smaller


W1 New Fire Hydrant Assembly

W2 Relocate Fire Hydrant Assembly

W3 Fire Hydrant Location in Cut or Fill

W4 Valve Box

W5 Valve Box Adjustment

W6 Valve Extension Stem

W7 Wet Tap Connection

W8 Cut-In Connection

W9 Testing Connection Detail

W10 1-Inch Combination Air and Vacuum Release Assembly

W11 2-Inch Combination Air and Vacuum Release Assembly

W12 Blow Off Assembly

W13 1-Inch Water Service

W14 2-Inch Water Service

W15 1-Inch or 2-Inch Fire Service Connection

W16A Meter Vault Assembly 3-Inch – 10-Inch Plan

W16B Meter Vault Assembly 3-Inch - 10-Inch Elevation

W17A 5/8 x 3/4 Inch Water Sample Station

W17B 1 Inch Water Sample Station

W18A Pressure Reducing Valve and Vault

W18B Pressure Reducing Valve and Vault Legend

W19 1 Inch Non-Freeze Yard Hydrant


S1 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Section

S2 Sanitary Sewer Main and Side Sewer Connections

S3 Sanitary Sewer Saddle Manhole

S4 Sanitary Sewer Shallow Manhole

S5 Inside Drop Manhole

S6 Force Main Discharge Manhole

S7 Standard Manhole Frame and Cover

S8 Rock Catch Manhole

S9 Manhole Adjustment Detail

S10 Sewer Air Vacuum Release Vault

S11 Standard Sewer Lateral

S12 Sewer Lateral Connection to Existing Main

S13 Vertical Sewer Lateral

S14 Private Side Sewer Installation

S15 Private Vertical Riser Side Sewer Installation

S16 Side Sewer Cleanout

S17 Exterior Private Backwater Valve

S18 Private Backwater Valve Installation to Sanitary Sewer

S19 Pressure Line Connection to Gravity Sewer

S20 Grease Interceptor

S21 Oil-Water Separator

S22 Sample Chamber for Grease Interceptor and Oil/Water Separator

S23A Force Main Bypass Pump Connection

S23B Force Main Bypass Pump Connection Below Grade