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The developer shall give the district timely notice that the work, or any part thereof, which has been constructed within the district’s service area is ready for inspection. In no event shall the work, or any portion thereof, be covered up or placed into operation until the district has completed the inspection unless otherwise approved by the district.

If any work should be covered up without prior inspection by the district, it shall be uncovered for examination at the developer’s expense.

The district and its representatives shall, at all times, have safe access to the work whenever it is in preparation or progress and the developer shall provide proper facilities for such access and for such inspection.

The developer shall perform tests of the work, at the developer’s expense.

If the specifications, laws, ordinances, or any public authority shall require any work to be specially tested or approved, the developer shall give the district timely notice of its readiness for inspection and, if the inspection is by other authority than the district, the date fixed for such inspection.

All inspections by the district will be made with all reasonable promptness but, in no event, shall the lack of prompt inspections be construed to allow the developer to cover up the work or any portion of it without inspection.

The district’s review of the contractor’s work plan, safety plan, construction sequence, schedule or performance does not and is not intended to include review or approval of the adequacy of the contractor’s safety measures in, on or near the construction site. The district does not purport to be a safety expert, is not engaged in that capacity, and has neither the authority nor the responsibility to enforce construction safety laws, rules, regulations, or procedures, or to order the stoppage of work for claimed violations thereof. [Res. 807 § 2 (Exh. 2), 2021; Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]