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The developer and their contractor shall be solely and completely responsible for conditions of the job site, including safety of all persons and property during the performance of the work, and for compliance with all federal, state and local safety laws and regulations. This requirement shall apply continuously and shall not be limited to normal working hours.

The right of the district to conduct construction review of the developer and their contractor’s performance or inspection of the work or the site is not intended to include review of the adequacy of the safety measures in, on or near the construction site.

In accordance with Chapter 296-809 WAC, Confined Spaces, the district has implemented a confined space program. Implementation of this program requires specific procedures for evaluation of hazards and subsequent entry into confined spaces. Vaults, pits, manholes, dry wells, water pump stations and sewer lift stations are all considered examples of confined spaces. Other construction related activities under certain circumstances, such as trenches, are also considered confined spaces.

Entry into confined spaces by district staff can only be accomplished under compliance with the adopted program. Currently, the district is providing required staff and equipment support to the district’s project inspectors for confined space entry. This requires at least a three working day advance scheduling with the district. Contractor shall anticipate this required advance notice when inspections of confined spaces are desired. [Res. 807 § 2 (Exh. 2), 2021.]