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After all other work on the project is completed and before final acceptance, the entire roadway, including the roadbed, planting, sidewalk areas, shoulders, driveways, alley and side street approaches, slopes, ditches, utility trenches, and construction areas shall be neatly finished to the lines, grades and cross sections of a new roadway consistent with the original section, and as hereinafter specified.

On construction where all or portions of the construction is in undeveloped areas, the entire area which has been disturbed by the construction shall be shaped so that upon completion the area will present a uniform appearance, blending into the contour of the adjacent properties and hydroseeded. All other requirements outlined previously shall be met.

Slopes, sidewalk areas, planting areas and roadway shall be smoothed and finished to the required cross section and grade by means of a grading machine insofar as it is possible to do so without damaging existing improvements, trees, and shrubs. Machine dressing shall be supplemented by handwork to meet requirements outlined herein, to the satisfaction of the district.

Upon completion of the cleaning and dressing, the project shall appear uniform in all respects. All graded areas shall be true to line and grade. Where the existing surface is below sidewalk and curb, the area shall be filled and dressed out to the walk. Wherever fill material is required in the planting area, the finished grade shall be elevated to allow for final settlement, but nevertheless, the raised surface shall present a uniform appearance.

All excavated material at the outer lateral limits of the project shall be removed entirely. Trash of all kinds resulting from clearing and grubbing or grading operations shall be removed and not placed in areas adjacent to the project. Where machine operations have broken down brush and trees beyond the lateral limits of the project, the developer shall remove and dispose of same and restore said disturbed areas at his own expense.

Drainage facilities such as inlets, catch basins, culverts, and open ditches shall be cleaned of all debris that results from the developer’s operations.

All pavement surfaces, whether new or old, shall be thoroughly cleaned. Existing improvements such as Portland cement concrete curbs, curb and gutters, walls, sidewalks, and other facilities, which have been sprayed by the asphalt cement, shall be cleaned to the satisfaction of the district.

Castings for monuments, water valves, vaults and other similar installations, which have been covered with the asphalt material, shall be adjusted to final grade and cleaned to the satisfaction of the district. [Res. 807 § 2 (Exh. 2), 2021; Res. 735 § 1, 2017. Formerly 6.20.240.]