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Requests for the installation of a water meter, new service line or side sewer permit shall be submitted upon an application form provided by the district and signed by the applicant in accordance with the timelines listed below, or as otherwise detailed in the District Code.

(1) Developer Extension (DE) Projects in Accordance with Chapter 6.15 SLWSDC. Service applications shall not be submitted until after final acceptance of the DE project by the district.

(a) Applications for an early side sewer inspection without connection to the structure may be submitted if requested by the developer and approved by the district. Additional inspection charges will apply. Final connection must be completed within 180 days.

(2) Approved Land Use Actions but Not Part of a DE (e.g. Building Permit Only). Service applications shall not be submitted until after approval of the development action by the land use agency. Documentation may be required by the district for verification.

(3) Nonproject Actions (e.g., Septic to Sewer Conversion with an Existing Sewer Lateral). Service applications can be submitted at the convenience of the applicant. [Res. 807 § 2 (Exh. 2), 2021.]