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Prior to final acceptance of a developer extension project, early water service may be provided by using one the following options if approved by the district:

(1) Rental of a District Provided Portable Construction Meter (CM) with a Built-in Backflow Assembly.

(a) The CM must be installed at the location of an existing service line or an approved future irrigation meter.

(b) The appropriate general facility charge must be paid prior to installation.

(c) Usage of the CM will be billed monthly in accordance with the requirements of SLWSDC Title 9.

(d) District staff time for the installation and maintenance of the CM, as well as funds for a damage deposit, shall be charged against the developer extension project in accordance with SLWSDC 9.05.100.

(e) A change of use form shall be submitted to the district at the time of the conversion from a CM to the final water meter.

(2) Irrigation meter if shown on the approved construction plans and the water main is charged with proper backflow protection that has been installed, inspected by district personnel, and passed testing.

(3) Fire hydrant meter rental in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 9.05 SLWSDC.

There shall be no early connection to or usage of the public sewer system prior to final acceptance of the project unless approved by the general manager for public health reasons. [Res. 807 § 2 (Exh. 2), 2021.]