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(1) Work shall be performed only by contractors experienced in installing public water mains in accordance with the requirements of the project developer extension agreement and all required permits, licenses, and regulations of the land use agency.

(2) Prior to any work being performed, a copy of the survey cut sheets and proposed construction schedule shall be provided to the district.

(3) All materials shall be new and undamaged.

(4) Developer shall obtain approval of materials to be used from the district through a submittal review process prior to ordering of materials.

(5) Water mains, service lines and meters shall be installed only in dedicated existing or future rights-of-way, or dedicated utility easements that have been or will be granted to the district.

(6) Existing facilities shall be addressed in accordance with SLWSDC 6.20.210.

(7) Water quality sampling stations shall be installed at locations as shown on the approved construction plans or as designated by the district, and in accordance with district standard details.

(8) Dead-end water mains are not permitted except where the district is satisfied that it would be impractical to extend the line at a future date. Where deemed appropriate by the district, water mains or a dedicated utility easement shall extend to the boundary line of developable neighboring properties for a future extension.

(9) No dead-end water mains over eight inches shall be allowed without a planned or potential future extension, and a two-inch blowoff assembly shall be provided at the end of water mains eight inches and smaller. A fire hydrant shall be installed on larger size mains to accommodate flushing velocities.

(10) District water service lines over 60 feet long within the right-of-way or dedicated utility easement, and private water system lines over 200 feet long from the district water meter, are prohibited. A water main extension would be required to provide service beyond those limits unless otherwise approved by the district.

(11) If a new water main is installed along a frontage with existing service lines, all impacted service lines shall be reconnected to the new main and upgraded to current district standards from the main to the meter at the developer’s expense. The developer is responsible for installing new service lines to the meter, and district staff will make any necessary connections or upgrades to the meter.

(12) All eight-inch and smaller water mains shall have minimum three-foot-six-inch cover from finished grade except four-foot cover in easements. All 12-inch and larger water mains shall have a minimum of four-foot cover from finished grade. The maximum shall be seven-foot cover unless approved by the district.

(13) Water mains shall generally be located parallel to and 10 feet northerly or easterly of street centerline.

(14) Valves shall be installed at intervals not to exceed 1,000 feet. Valves shall be installed on each leg of all tees and crosses, except fire hydrant tees unless required by the district, and at each end of easements.

(15) Separation between water and sewer mains shall be in accordance with the current State Department of Ecology Criteria for Sewage Works Design. There shall be a minimum of five feet of horizontal separation between district water mains and storm water or other utility lines unless approved by the district.

(16) Provide bends in field to suit construction and in accordance with pipe manufacturer’s recommendations so as not to exceed allowable deflection at pipe joints. As-built conditions shall be documented prior to backfilling trench.

(17) All public water mains shall be restrained joint construction unless otherwise approved by the district.

(18) Cross connection control shall be provided on all water service connections in accordance with Article V of this chapter.

(19) Developer shall notify the district a minimum of 48 hours in advance and obtain approval prior to any water shut-off or turn-on affecting the water system.

(20) Water main shut downs, cut-in connections and wet taps shall only be allowed on a non-holiday Tuesday through Thursday unless otherwise approved by the district.

(21) Road restoration shall be per Snohomish County, city and/or state design and construction standards. Developer shall become familiar with all county, city, and state conditions of required permits and shall adhere to all conditions and requirements. [Res. 835 § 1 (Exh. 1), 2022; Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]