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A side sewer lateral is considered to be that portion of a sewer line that will be constructed between a main sewer line and a property line or easement limit line.

All applicable specifications given herein for sewer construction shall be held to apply to side sewer laterals.

Side sewers shall be for a single connection only and be a minimum six-inch diameter pipe. Side sewers shall be connected to the tee provided in the sewer main where such is available, utilizing approved fittings or adapters. The side sewer shall rise at a maximum slope of 45 degrees and a minimum of two percent from the sewer main.

Where there are no basements, the minimum side sewer depth shall be six feet below existing curb line and five feet below ground at the property line, except where existing improvements, proposed improvements or topography may dictate additional depth. The elevations of the side sewer connections shall be of sufficient depth to serve all existing and potential future basements.

Each six-inch side sewer service shall be provided with a 12-foot-long two-by-four wooden post, which extends from the invert of the end of the six-inch pipe to above the existing ground. The exposed area of this post shall be painted white and shall have stenciled thereon in two-inch letters (black paint) “SEWER” and shall also indicate the total length of the two by four. A 12-gauge (minimum) wire shall be wrapped around and stapled the full length of the two by four.

Where no tee or wye is provided or available, connection shall be made by machine-made tap and saddle. Inserta Tee, Fowler Manufacturing Company or approved equal may be utilized on concrete pipe only. Romac Style “CB” Sewer Saddle shall be utilized on PVC pipe.

The maximum bend permissible at any one fitting shall not exceed 45 degrees. The maximum bend of any combination of two adjacent fittings shall not exceed 45 degrees (one-eighth bend) unless straight pipe of not less than three feet in length is installed between such adjacent fittings, or unless one of the fittings is a wye branch with a cleanout provided on the straight leg.

Standing side sewers shall be constructed only with preapproval of the district. Standing side sewers may be required, or allowed, at the sole discretion of the district. When allowed, standing side sewer tees will be constructed of the same material as the main line sewer. [Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]