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The developer shall furnish a site layout for the lift station installation.

The lift station shall be located as far as practicable from present or proposed built-up residential areas, and an asphalt concrete access road shall be provided. Sites for sewage lift stations shall be of sufficient size for future expansion or addition, if applicable.

The easement for the lift station site shall be submitted to the district for review prior to construction of the lift station. Lift station sites not located within the plat boundary shall be deeded to the Silver Lake Water and Sewer District.

The developer shall coordinate electrical power required to the site with the electrical utility.

As a minimum, the site shall provide for the following:

(1) Lift station.

(2) Auxiliary power, including automatic transfer switch.

(3) Electrical.

(4) Telemetry.

(5) One-inch water service with reduced pressure backflow preventor and hose bib installed in an above ground hot box enclosure on concrete. Furnish 50 feet of three-quarter-inch heavy-duty rubber hose.

(6) Odor control, as applicable for location and capacity.

(7) Cuts and fills to provide level site for maintenance.

(8) Asphalt concrete pavement for access and maintenance areas.

(9) Safety system mount. See Detail V-LS7.

(10) Single entry to wet well from recessed entry manhole (rock catcher). See Detail V-LS8.

(11) Six-foot-high black powder coated frame and posts together with black vinyl chain link fence with vertical vinyl slats inlaid for screening and three strands of barbed wire on top of the fence, enclosing the site with three-foot-wide access main gate and separate vehicle access gate 12-foot-wide minimum opening. Fence to be located in the asphalt, six inches from the edge. A gate button will be used for the center gate post. [Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]