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(1) Classifications of backflow assemblies include but are not limited to: RPBA, RPDA, DCVA, SVBA, or PVBA of make, model, and size included on the current approved backflow assemblies list approved by WSDOH (Publication No. 331-137) as it exists now or as hereinafter changed, modified, amended, reenacted or recodified. Washington State has adopted the USC/FCCCHR list of approved backflow assemblies. CD copies of the approved assemblies are available at the discretion of WSDOH. Call or check WSDOH website for availability. All major backflow assembly manufacturers display their USC approvals on their respective websites and product literature. Consult manufacturer’s data before purchasing any backflow assemblies.

(2) Any existing backflow assembly in use, but not currently listed by the WSDOH, can continue to be used provided all the following conditions are met:

(a) The assemblies were included on the WSDOH list of approved backflow assemblies at the time of installation;

(b) The assemblies have been properly maintained;

(c) The assemblies are functioning properly based on inspection by the district and testing by a certified BAT;

(d) The degree of protection of the district’s water system is commensurate with the degree of hazard as determined by the district CCS and the provisions of this article.

(3) When an unlisted assembly does not meet the above conditions, is moved, or cannot be repaired using spare parts from the original manufacturer, the assembly shall be replaced by an assembly currently listed as approved by the WSDOH. [Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]