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VI-G1 Vertical Anchor Block

VI-G2 Thrust Blocks

VI-G3 Thrust Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe

VI-G4 Typical Utility Crossing

VI-G5 Encasement/Carrier Pipes


VI-W1 Water Main Trench Section

VI-W2 Fire Hydrant Assembly

VI-W3 Fire Hydrant Location in Cut or Fill

VI-W4 Relocate Fire Hydrant Assembly

VI-W5 Valve Box

VI-W6 Valve Box Adjustment

VI-W7 Valve Extension Stem

VI-W8 Wet Tap Connection

VI-W9 Cut In Connection

VI-W10 Testing Connection Detail

VI-W11 Blow Off Assembly

VI-W12 1" Air and Vacuum Release Assembly

VI-W132" Air and Vacuum Release Assembly

VI-W14 1" Water Service

VI-W15 2" Water Service

VI-W16A, VI-W16B Meter Vault Assembly, 3" through 10"

VI-W16C Water Meter Box

VI-W17 1" or 2" Domestic Fire Service Connection

VI-W18 Double Check Valve Assembly, 2" and Smaller

VI-W19 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly – 3/4" to 2"

VI-W20 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly, 3" and Larger

VI-W21 Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly, 3" and Larger

VI-W22A, VI-W22B Pressure Reducing Valve and Vault

VI-W23 Ships Ladder


VI-S1 Sanitary Sewer Trench Section (PVC/Gravity)

VI-S2 Sanitary Sewer Trench Section (Ductile Iron/Gravity)

VI-S3 Force Main Trench Section

VI-S4 Force Main Location Box

VI-S5 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Section

VI-S6 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Plan

VI-S7 Sanitary Sewer Saddle Manhole

VI-S8 Sanitary Sewer Shallow Manhole

VI-S9 Outside Drop Manhole

VI-S10 Inside Drop Manhole

VI-S11 Force Main Discharge Manhole

VI-S12 Sanitary Sewer Air and Vacuum Release Assembly

VI-S13 Standard Side Sewer

VI-S14 Side Sewer Detail (Connection to Existing Main)

VI-S15 Standing Side Sewer

VI-S16 Private Side Sewer Installation

VI-S16A Vertical Riser Private Side Sewer Installation

VI-S17 Private Backwater Valve

VI-S18 Side Sewer Cleanout

VI-S19 Standard Manhole Frame and Cover


VI-LS1 Lift Station Electrical Schematic

VI-LS2 Bypass Pump Connection

VI-LS3A Roof Structure for Electrical Enclosure

VI-LS3B Roof Structure for Electrical Enclosure

VI-LS4 Underground Conduit Detail

VI-LS5 3/4" RPBA Backflow Assembly

VI-LS6 Vent Detail

VI-LS7 Flush Mount Sleeve

VI-LS8 Rock Catch Manhole


VI-CC1 Automatic Anti-Siphon Control Valve

VI-CC2 Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

VI-CC3 Pressure Vacuum Breaker