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In accordance with RCW 57.22.010, the developer is responsible for paying all district costs associated with a developer extension (DE) agreement subject to the requirements of Chapters 6.15 and 6.20 SLWSDC. The following fees and charges for the services identified herein shall be paid within the timeline listed below:


Charge for Service


Payment Timeline

DE application fee for residential use up to 50 lots/units, or municipal land uses



Preliminary review and administration of DE agreement during application phase by district staff, including construction plan review and approval. Does not include consultant or legal costs.

With DE application

DE application fee for residential use over 50 lots/units, commercial, multi-family, or industrial land uses, and/or a sewer lift station



DE administration fee



All district staff administration of DE agreement during construction and closeout, excluding costs listed below

Prior to preconstruction meeting

Deposit (see below)

$5,000 or $10,000

Deposit to cover district costs during construction and closeout phases

Prior to preconstruction meeting

Construction Inspection

$110 per hour

District construction inspector time for DE construction and closeout

Billed monthly

District maintenance crews and technical services staff

Actual costs on a time and material basis

All associated district crew and staff support time unless otherwise noted in the code

Billed monthly

Consultant, vendor and legal services as needed or required

Actual costs

Plan review, hydraulic modeling, contracted inspection services, CCTV, legal review, etc.

Billed monthly

Interagency permitting

Actual costs

All land use or public agency permitting costs, such as Snohomish County or WSDOT utility permits

Billed monthly

A cash deposit shall be submitted to ensure payment of district costs associated with the developer extension agreement (DEA), including, but not limited to, construction inspection, district maintenance crew work, district materials for early construction utility services, consultant costs, legal fees, permitting, and any other items needed to process and administer the DEA.

The deposit amount shall be $5,000 for small scale projects as determined by the district, such as a fire hydrant or sewer lateral only, or $10,000 for all other developments. The district may require a larger deposit amount based on the size and scope of DEA project, such as a sewer lift station.

All charges are due at the time as listed in the table above or as noted on district invoices. Any unpaid charges remaining within 90 days of final project acceptance shall be deducted from the deposit. The district will refund any remaining deposit upon final resolution of all unpaid charges.

The deposit may also be retained by the district and used by the developer in lieu of a separate performance guarantee, two-year maintenance bond or a reimbursement agreement application deposit. [Res. 807 § 3 (Exh. 3), 2021.]