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(1) Recordkeeping. Employees will report the total hours for on-call status and call-back pay on the time sheet provided by the finance department for inclusion of compensation in paychecks. For purposes of call-back pay, only that time actually worked by the employee shall be reported. The district will apply the minimum call-back pay criteria where applicable. Falsification of time records, including improper reporting of on-call or call-back work, is strictly prohibited and shall constitute grounds for serious disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

(2) Substitutions. Employees may request in advance to have a substitute cover for him/her for a designated portion of the employee’s scheduled on-call duties, for reasons acceptable to and approved by the general manager or designee. Each employee shall record the change in on-call status on the employee’s respective time sheet. The hours which were covered by the substitute shall be deducted from the total on-call time of the primary employee, and shall be paid to the substitute.

(3) Emergencies. Employees while on-call shall inform their immediate supervisor as soon as possible if for some reason (example: sudden illness of self or a child) the employee knows they will not be available to answer a call.

(4) Nonresponse. An employee on on-call or back-up status is subject to discipline, up to and including termination, if the employee does not respond and/or is not ready to work when called back. Should this occur, compensation for on-call status will normally be forfeited for the employee’s entire on-call rotation, as determined by the general manager or designee.

(5) Implementation and Administration. The general manager or designee is authorized to develop, write, and use all written documents, forms, applications, receipts, and accounting records to implement and administer any and all of the policies and procedures set forth in this chapter. The general manager or designee is directed to review the policies and practices of this chapter every three years and present a report on these to the board of commissioners. [Res. 785 § 1 (Exh. 1), 2019. Formerly 3.10.040.]