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Article I. General Conditions
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(1) Definitions. To make clear the meaning and intent of the words: district, district’s engineers, developer, contractor, and contract documents, as used in these standards, the following definitions are given:

“Contract documents” shall consist of the following and in case of conflicting provisions, the text material shall have precedence:

(a) Developer agreement for water or sewer facility extensions.

(b) Plans.

(c) Standard details.

(d) Specifications, conditions and standards of the contract to include system testing.

(e) Addenda.

(f) Change orders.

(g) General conditions.

(h) “As-built” documents.

These documents shall form the contract.

“Contractor” means the person, persons, firm, or corporation employed by the developer to perform the work required by project plans and specifications to construct the water or sewage facility within the district’s service area. The term also includes the contractor’s agents and employees.

“Developer” means the person, persons, firm, owner, or corporation entering into agreement with Silver Lake Water and Sewer District for the installation and/or extension of a water or sewage facility. The term also includes the developer’s agents and employees and contractor.

Developer/Contractor. Use of either word “developer” or “contractor” in this document shall be understood to be interchangeable, one for the other, wherein both are responsible for compliance, and the developer assumes full and final responsibility unless a division of responsibility through the use of a contract, performance bond, insurance, etc., is established.

“District” means the Silver Lake Water and Sewer District, Snohomish County, Washington, a water-sewer district existing under and by virtue of the laws of the state of Washington.

“District’s engineers” means the district engineer or the engineering firm and that firm’s representatives retained and assigned by the district to act as the engineer for the work to be performed on the project. [Res. 735 § 1, 2017.]